Manish Shrestha : A Decade In The Making


Since our founding in 2007, KEYSYS has been home to dozens of amazing developers and coworkers. Through countless projects, office locations, and code deployments one Senior Software Developer has now achieved a decade milestone!

Manish Shrestha celebrates 10 years at KEYSYS.

Manish started with KEYSYS back in 2012 at our first official office in Hoover.

Through the years he has become a senior leader on his teams and helped grow many of our younger developers within the company. Manish has always been a pillar we can count on to help our clients get the important stuff done and we are so grateful to have him on the KEYSYS team.

When asked about his favorite parts of KEYSYS he said:

My favorite part of KEYSYS has been the people I work with. KEYSYS values relationships whether they are coworkers or clients. Jim Bob, the CEO of the company, regards you as a true friend. In fact, if you ask him to give you a ride, without any hesitation, he will oblige.


I love every project that I work on. There is one project in particular that I loved working on which is for ProAssurance. I loved it so much because the client absolutely loved the app I had built for them. It reduced the time it took for them to review accounts from 3 weeks to a couple hours.

We appreciate you Manish. Here’s to 10 more years together!