At the end of 2020, our leadership team started researching OKRs, (Objectives & Key Results). This goal-setting framework originated at Intel in the 1970s & has been popularized by the likes of Google.
After a trial run of objectives for each department, we launched into 2021 with our first quarter of OKRs.
A good set of OKRs is clear, challenging, aspirational, & realistic. They’re also supposed to be public. That’s why I’m publishing our company-wide OKRs because we believe there is no such thing as being “too transparent” with our business.


Q1O1: Establish KEYSYS as the best place to work in Birmingham

  • KR-1: Promote and establish KEYSYS Identity internally by creating and publishing visual and digital assets by 2/15/2021
  • KR-2: Educate coworkers about self-governing culture and establish a link between Sprint/Team model, additional freedom, and additional accountability by meeting with each team individually by 1/31/2021
  • KR-3: Leadership team implements PTO and WFH policies in support of our self-governing culture by 3/31/2021.
  • KR-4: Implement a professional development system to help coworkers manage time and investments in book clubs, mentorships, and new technologies by 1/31/2021

Q1O2: Increase market awareness of KEYSYS capabilities in Alabama, Fintech, and Telecommunications

  • KR-1: Engage with 3rd party for marketing strategy and execution of at least one campaign for each concentration by 3/30/2021
  • KR-2: $1M in produced revenue (Jan-Mar production numbers)
  • KR-3: 10 new signed referral partners in Q1
  • KR-4: Identify and close at least one Snowflake project in Q1
  • KR-5: Identify and close at least one artificial intelligence or machine learning project in Q1

Q1O3: Promote and execute Sprint/Team Model

  • KR-1: Incorporate Sprint/Team model on website and company overview by 1/31/2021
  • KR-2: Have two teams not recording hours by 3/31/2021
  • KR-3: All projects on two week sprints by 1/31/2021
  • KR-4: Develop method for tracking and reporting Planned Work Completion % by 2/28/2021
  • KR-5: Create and deliver Sprint/Team education for client team by 1/31/2021
  • KR-6: All outgoing SOWs (non Spark engagements) are Sprint/Team model by 1/30/2021
If you’d like more information about OKRs, you can read “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr.  Or you can visit their website. That’s what I did.
In our next Non-technical book club, our leadership team will be reading “Measure What Matters” to gain more insight on how to improve KEYSYS.