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KEYSYS was born from a loyal friendship and common frustration of software companies’ lack of transparency and commitment to their clients’ needs. So with the determination to build a lifestyle company that values their team and listens to their clients, KEYSYS was formed. Our focus is on our clients’ successes, and has been since our founding in 2007. Our clients include startups, enterprise companies, and nonprofits from across the country. We pride ourselves on quality code and value in our consultation. Each of our solutions begins with a unique plan with your personal business goals in mind. Our method of software development is customizable, scalable, and keeps our clients’ needs front and center.

We are not a start-up. As a matter of fact, we just celebrated our 15 year anniversary and we look forward to what the coming years have in store for our team.  If you’re ready to build something great with us then let’s talk!

our business commitments

Transparent Communication

We strive to keep our clients “in the know.” Most of our projects are managed on weekly sprints with client showcases. We manage projects based on agile/scrum which we think contributes to clear, timely communication with our clients.

Honest Assessments

When a client or prospective client is considering investment in a software solution, it’s important that he or she has accurate and complete information. We love to build software, but if building a custom solution is not the right fit, we’ll say so. If we can help you avoid re-writing an application with a simple or intermediate fix, we will make that suggestion.

Pursuit of Simplicity

Simplicity and common sense work closely together. Simple solutions require thoughtfulness, and a deep understanding how technology can relate to, and support, business. We’ve all experienced overwrought software; we commit to focusing on clients’ needs and straight-forward solutions.

Focus On Your Success

Ever been in a meeting with someone and it’s been all about them? How big their company is, how fast they’re growing, how awesome their building is? You want to work with someone focused on how big your company can be, how efficiently you can manage it, and how much growth you can support and manage. At KEYSYS, we’ve experienced modest growth by focusing on your bottom line, not ours.

Leadership in our Core Competencies

Our core competency is software. Our clients count on us to bring expertise and leadership to them so they get the full value of their investment in us. Our in-depth knowledge of software development creates a responsibility for us to bring possibilities and ideas to our clients’ attention.

Common Sense Approach

Remembering to bring common sense to the table when trying to solve a complex business or technical problem is not as easy as it would seem. Our structure allows for developers to collaborate, which is important when an outside perspective is needed to re-center our efforts on a foundation of common sense.


Arrogance doesn’t work at KEYSYS. We are professional consultants who understand that it’s our job to know software, so our clients can focus on their expertise. We routinely tell our consultants that we may know more about software, but our clients can run circles around us in law, distribution, health care, etc. Everyone is an expert at something; there is no room for condescendence or arrogance.

Step Up When We Mess Up

Mistakes happen. Our first response in situations that have gone bad is to force ourselves to honestly assess our role and responsibility, accept it, and try to make it right. Covering things up, and deflecting blame are poison for relationships and software projects. Our clients want a partner who will work with them, and stand tall when the situation arises.

“We’ve always worked for KEYSYS to be a family-focused company where our team members can provide for their families while enjoying what they do”

Jarick Rager
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Jim Bob McAllister

CEO : Chief Executive Officer

Jarick Rager

Vice President

Lee Daniel

CTO : Chief Technology Officer

Case Morton

CXO : Chief Experience Officer

Kelly Knudsen

CPO : Chief People Officer

Grant Woolwine

COO : Chief Operations Officer

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Senior Software Engineer

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Director of Developer Advancement

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Software Engineer

John Contella

Dev Ops

Aubrey Harper

Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer

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Business and Support Analyst

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Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Senior DevOps Engineer

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UI/UX Engineer

Jake Hammond

Project Manager

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Senior Software Engineer

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Director of Project Management

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Software Architect

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Project Manager

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Senior Software Engineer

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Client Executive

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Senior Software Engineer

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Marketing Associate

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Project Manager

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Software Engineer

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Software DevOps Engineer

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DevOps Engineer

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Client Relations

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Project Manager

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Software Engineer