Deeanna Stevens :


Life Story:

Born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised to shout “War Eagle” since I could speak, I’m a true Alabama girl with an unending love for Auburn football, a wannabe Broadway star with the real-world panache of Ferris Bueller. I started my adult life as a pre-med major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, but ended up passionately pursuing creative roles in the Birmingham tech world. My secret sauce includes several dashes of customer love and care, with just the right amount of data analysis and technical writing. I love seeing a process through from start to finish, relaying it to others, and making it all come together.

I married my husband Robert in January of 2018, and we spend our time rock climbing, hiking with our dog Charlie, renovating our home, or watching Netflix with our two cats, Remus and Sirius. On my own, I’ve visited 37 US states and four countries. Arizona and California are two of my great loves, but the Yellowhammer State has my heart.

Go To Motivation Song:

Stupid Human Trick:

I can pop one of my hips in and out of socket and have been able to for most of my life. I would not recommend this to be anyone’s go-to party trick.

Little Known Fact:

My sister and I have won the Harry Potter trivia every year on our cruise.

Favorite Movie:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. One day, I’ll live this day out when I get to Chicago.