Jay P. Hayes :


Life Story:

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL . Right after high school, I join to serve in the United State Marines. I reached the Rank of Sergeant. In the marines, I served as a military musician and a programmer. As a note, only in the Marines that you can have a Laptop and M16 at the same time.

After 8 years in the service, I came back to Birmingham to continue my career in software development and music. Also to marry my Queen (Bridget). BTW, the Queen and I dated in high school and she dumped me. (according to her, I wasn’t ready yet). We met again in my last year in the service, dated, and eventually married (30 happy, blessed years at this time).

Software development as a profession has become both my vocation, my hobby, and my passion.

Along with my passion for music creation and my faith, this is a a good time.

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Favorite Comic Book:

Black Panther