Matt Sparks :


Life Story:

I was born and raised in the Birmingham, AL area. During my high school years, I attended a small private school where I participated in many school activities and sports. While I played football, basketball, and baseball; my favorite was football, although I didn’t particularly excel. After high school I explored my calling by attending a couple of local junior colleges and maintaining a part-time job at Sam’s Club and My uncle’s pawn shop where I learned a lot about the general public and some business concepts. After a few years I began to find my direction and started a software development internship with Altec that led me into a full-time position after I finally finished an Information Systems degree from UAB. I have since gained a beautiful family that means the world to me. I was with Altec for almost 7 years during which time I began a Master of Engineering program at UAB in Information Engineering and Management. Most recently, I was presented with the opportunity to deliver a broader array of value to a much broader array of customers here at KEYSYS.

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Little Known Fact:

My Family and myself are a bunch of huge Disney Nuts