Randon Hewitt :


Life Story:

I’m a newer member to the Keysys team, and excited to invest myself fully into any projects that come my way.

After going to school at UAB, I spent a while at a data science consulting firm called Strategywise. While I initially landed as a web development intern, I developed a passion for “all things data”, and was quickly placed in a different position as the primary Data Engineer for the smaller firm. Most of my time was dedicated to manipulating and enhancing clients data with various statistical methods and techniques, while integrating them into visuals and dashboards.

I followed the consulting act with a long detour at EBSCO Information Systems. Where I began as a software engineer, and was moved to a software engineer II after becoming AWS Certified. I primarily worked on developing, maintaining, and releasing the backend systems for EBSCO’s Holdings Linking Management service, the searching capabilities behind a re-released version of Publication Finder, and the Resource Management API released for the technical staff of libraries.

I’m very familiar with most types of persistent storage, microservices architecture, API development, and all things related to infrastructure and service management in AWS. 

Go To Motivation Song:

Favorite Breakfast Food:

All of them mixed together and covered in hot sauce.

Hidden Talent:

Ping Pong and Rock Climbing!

Culinary Speciality: 

Steaks, salads, Asian cuisine, and anything involving mushrooms.