Tanner Strickland :


Life Story:

I’ve always loved technology. From building computers, to playing with source code for my favorite games. Everything tech has always interested me. Though I had a job working as a welder my desire for a career in technology (and a job with air conditioning) had never been higher. That’s when I found the Innovate Birmingham’s program and finally started working to make that desire a reality. In August of 2019 after completing the program I was offered a full time position at Keysys as one of the first ever candidates apart of Alabama’s first ever federally recognized IT Apprenticeship program. With my new career I hope to continue to pursue my passion for technology and continue to improve as a developer.

Go To Motivation Song:

Culinary Specialty:

Asian Food

Sport Played In High School:


Favorite Movie:

Night of The Living Dead (1968)