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Acceptance Loan Company


Financial Services

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ASP.NET, .NET Core, AWS, RDS, Lambda, EC2, S3, SQS, & SNS
Problem Solvers

Local Financial Institution hired KEYSYS to create an application that would create secure file uploading, eliminate the need for travel, and be customized to their needs.


Acceptance Loan Company (ALC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of First US Bank. They offer a variety of loans and financing to customers throughout Alabama and Southeast Mississippi.

To begin the loan application process, ALC must receive & file important documents from customers. (e.g. licenses, social security numbers, W2 forms, bank statements, tax returns)


  • Customers from across Alabama and Mississippi were required to visit ALC in-person to share, receive, or sign documents.
  • No secure way of gathering documents besides face to face appointments. Email is not secure
  • The lengthy physical paperwork is cumbersome to file for safekeeping.
  • Even if all documents are shared and filed securely, the client still must come to the office to sign the documents

Existing solutions explored

Large file hosting service
Problem: Not cost-effective for how few services are needed

Sending documents through email
Problem: Entirely unsecure


ALC turned to KEYSYS to create an application allowing:

  • Secure file uploading
  • Eliminate the need for travel
  • Customization for ALC’s specific needs

The team at KEYSYS worked with ALC to gather requirements in order to understand the loan application process and determine what documents are collected.

They then tailored Dokshare to generated documents automatically based on the needs of each particular transaction.

Dokshare is a secure cloud-based document sharing application built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud infrastructure. It offers extensive security and compliance. Integrates with Active Directory, DocuSign, and internal shared drives making it optimal for businesses of any size.


The KEYSYS team tailored Dokshare to directly meet ALC’s needs and customized the application to make it easier for loan officers to generate a collaboration space.


Now ALC no longer uses email nor other applications that do not fit ALC’s core needs when communicating with clients.

By integrating DocuSign into Dokshare clients now have the ability to digitally sign documents versus driving to the branch to sign.

Overall, DokShare creates a more enjoyable customer and employee journey with document sharing and signing.


Software Architect


  • Cost Optimization
  • System Integration
  • Serverless Architecture


Former Software Engineer @ KEYSYS


  • Automated Testing
  • Test-driven Development