Client Spotlight : Direct Pay


Local medical provider network hires KEYSYS to modernize their patient management software


Direct Pay Provider Network


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data / innovation / growth / security


.Netcore, sql server, react, docker, AWS

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Aaron Hall


Direct Pay Provider Network is a Birmingham based company that works with health care providers to offer medical scheduling, billing, and patient management services.

The scheduling of medical services, along with handling the billing & reporting for patients is complicated. It takes tedious amounts of work for each patient. To ease this burden Direct Pay facilitates the entire patient scheduling process through their network of providers.


Direct Pay’s multi-talented founder, Paul Williams, wrote an internal web application to help manage the business process from patient enrollment through treatment completion. However, as the business grew, it became difficult to juggle day-to-day business operations with the development of the application. When the need to modernize the application came around, Paul turned to KEYSYS to recreate the application from the ground up with performance, security, and new features in mind.


Aaron came to KEYSYS with a passion for Automated Testing and overall product quality. His past experience demonstrated his ability to promote a DevOps culture focusing on test-driven development. He has led the advancements in KEYSYS’ continuous integration and product delivery.


Software Engineer @ KEYSYS


  • Automated Testing
  • Test-driven Development


Aaron, along with Hunter Horton, led a team to redesign the business software in a microservice architecture using .NET Core, Docker, and React. This change in architecture allowed the team to work in calculated sprints to achieve feature-complete milestones between each of the monthly showcases.

Aaron & Hunter made sure to focus on writing quality code by implementing Test-driven Development throughout the project.

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle: requirements are turned into very specific test cases, then the code is improved so that the tests pass. This is opposed to software development that allows code to be added that is not proven to meet requirements.

While this project has yet to reach completion, each milestone achieved to date has helped create a solid foundation for future use.

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