Client Spotlight: The Westervelt Company


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This is part 4 of a 10 week series during which we’ll highlight a set of problems, people and technologies as they relate to our Client Challenge Areas.

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Worldwide land management organization hires KEYSYS to connect their global operations


The Westervelt Company

Problem Solver

Deeanna Stevens-Odom


Land Management


fte agreement / hourly / fixed cost / block of hours / license


Hydrangea CMS, Javascript, Mongo DB

client challenge areas

data / innovation / growth / security


The Westervelt Company is a Tuscaloosa-based land resource management organization that’s been in business for over a hundred years. Through decades of hard work and prosperity Westervelt has grown multiple business operations that employ hundreds of co-workers. As active and passionate stewards of the land they manage, their business divisions include Wood Products, Ecological Services, Forest Resources, and even an operation in New Zealand. They came to KEYSYS in need of a technology partner to assist in growing and extending the connection to their global enterprise.


Westervelt’s global communication system relied on legacy technology that required time and resources they were unable to provide internally. They needed a technology partner to streamline their efforts across multiple websites, blogs, and company divisions.


Client Advocate @ KEYSYS


  • On-Site Training
  • System Knowledge


Dee joined KEYSYS in 2019 as a Client Advocate. Her experience in on-site software training and system knowledge continually prove to be invaluable when working with our clients. As a Client Advocate, Dee focuses to make sure our clients are getting quality services and sustainable solutions by representing the client’s interest internally on the project team. The project with Westervelt was already in progress when Dee joined KEYSYS and she was able to quickly establish clear lines of communication. Through her work creating standard operating procedures and additional documentation she has been able to help understand Westervelt’s needs and work towards a successful engagement with the project team.


To solve Westervelt’s content distribution problem a team at KEYSYS led by VP of Product and senior architect, Zac Bragg designed and built a multi-headed content management system, aptly named Hydrangea. Through the team’s development process Dee managed the client communication, product demos, feedback gathering and on-site training with Westervelt’s Tuscaloosa-based team.

Through Hydrangea the team at The Westervelt Company are now able to manage a central database to update their blogs, websites, and internal applications in a simple interface. The launch of this intranet was a huge milestone in the work on this project.

In addition to the intranet, the team at KEYSYS recently completed work on a new Extranet for the Westervelt Wildlife Services, Hunting Club, and Lease Management divisions. Take a look at the new map interface being powered by Hydrangea on the Clubs Seeking Members page.