A Brief History of KEYSYS’ Offices


When KEYSYS started operations in September of 2007, we did so out of JB’s basement. But location was the least of our priorities then.

KEYSYS was born out of JB and Jarick’s passion for creating a new kind of software development company… one that focused on people, from our workers, to our clients, to the people who would be impacted by the new advancements we made.

But it didn’t take too long for KEYSYS to grow and size out of our first home.

In 2009, our small team packed up and moved into a small office space in the heart of Hoover. The building, surrounded by trees but close to much of Hoover’s shopping and dining, provided a perfect backdrop for our young team as they constantly sought to grow and improve the fledgling company.

For the two years KEYSYS spent in this office, we learned that our greatest strength was our people, and we continued to add to our team exponentially.


KEYSYS moved again in 2011 to a commercial building in Cahaba Heights.

Our office in this highly-visible and busy space neighbored with other movers and shakers in the Birmingham area in industries like telecommunications and healthcare.

Despite staying in this building for four years, KEYSYS hadn’t yet found a place to truly call home.


2015 marked another move for KEYSYS, this time to an office near a law firm off of US-280.

After taking a sledgehammer and demolishing a few walls, this space was full of natural light and felt comfortable and open, despite its small size. It was a tight-knit space for a tight-knit team.

This office saw one of KEYSYS’s greatest periods of development. During our tenure along Highway 280, we more clearly defined what it meant to be a part of KEYSYS and what set us apart from other software development companies.


The move to the next office in 2018 was an easy one. The former headquarters of Jim ‘N Nicks BBQ in Liberty Park, meant renewed energy for our team.

After being in business for a little over 10 years, KEYSYS’s size seemed to explode overnight, with desks being moved around almost daily as more people were being brought in. It was a time of excitement and happiness all around.

When we moved again in January of 2020, though, none of us anticipated what happened next.


Moving to Hoover’s Southlake offices was a challenge. With more people came more stuff, but Southlake was already furnished, meaning there was less space for our belongings to go. Eventually, much of the leftover furniture and decorations were moved to storage. But the time in this Southlake office was short-lived.

In March of that year, KEYSYS moved to full-time remote work in response to the global pandemic.

Without a doubt, 2020 and the first half of 2021 was a challenge for anyone who worked from home.

KEYSYS is a team that thrives on togetherness, and without the human element, work can only be so fulfilling.

However, starting in the summer of 2021, KEYSYS will finally have a permanent home in Cahaba Heights.

Our long history of moving from place to place has only shown us what it means to be united all the more. In this new area of togetherness and stability, it will be exhilarating to see what our team can do next.

Stay tuned for our new office unveiling later this month!