Integration Manager


At KEYSYS we focus on building custom software that solves problems and helps business leaders get their important stuff done.

That means we look for ways to create business solutions that can give leaders more time in the day to focus on what matters.

One problem heard often is how frustrating the lack of visibility into a business’s finances can be. Especially for Financial and Operations Leaders using’s telecom and IoT billing platform.

When a company’s accounting platform is being updated with manual data entry & swivel chairing between multiple systems, too much time is spent on duplicating data that can still be prone to human errors.

As a small business ourselves we understand how frustrating having this kind of inconsistent & inaccurate data can be. So we developed Integration Manager (INTMGR) to solve this issue.

Integration Manager enables payments to be automatically applied against invoices and closed out. Giving business leaders accurate financials and the power to make better decisions.

No more time will be wasted manually creating invoices, payments, and credits.