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Insights that Inform

Your Business

Live BI is Business Intelligence Visualized

for You & with You.


You have questions, your business has answers.

During Live BI, we unearth what you really want to know from your raw data.

In our live sessions we’ll put insights in a format you can see, equipping you to make an impact in your business.

These live sessions are meant to validate & explore your intuitions & suspicions.

The Live BI Process

1 .

BI Strategy


Our First Meeting

  • Fill us in on the details of your business
  • Uncover current pain points
  • Conceptualize where you want your business to be
2 .

BI Roadmap

& Lab

Building on What We’ve Learned

  • We work together to gather the data we need
  • BI Roadmap informs our direction and makes sure we’re on the same page
  • BI Lab gathers and analyses the data to draw insights
3 .

BI Reporting

Real-Time Intelligence

  • 3 preliminary data visualization meetings
  • Explore & validate your intuitions & suspicions
  • Find new ways to grow & improve your business through the data

Why Live BI?

Live BI is based on the idea that data is important. Most businesses agree, but many don’t have the time or tools to effectively use their data.


We’re experts in data analytics and visualization, so we launched Live BI to enable leaders to impact their businesses through information and insight.

Beyond Live BI

We’re here for you, even after your first Live BI. We have several options available for those wondering what to do next.

Monthly Live BI Subscription

For those seeking frequent insights for a constantly-changing environment, the monthly Live BI subscription can give you the information you need to make the next best step.

Quarterly Live BI Subscription

Perfect for leaders that want to consistently keep tabs on their business, the quarterly Live BI subscription gives you an impactful analysis of your progress and growth.

Custom Software Solutions

If you’re ready to take action, we can take what you’ve learned from your Live BI experience and create software that’s customized, scalable, and effective.

Hear from

Our Clients

Hear from

Our Clients

“First US Bank engaged the KEYSYS group to assist with digital integration in several areas. They worked with our finance group to create a customized document exchange system, complete with system integration and electronic signature capability. The KEYSYS team is responsive, responsible, and talented in data manipulation and integration. I would recommend contacting KEYSYS for project planning, systems development, solution implementation, and associated training needs.”

—Phillip W.

“KEYSYS is an exemplary group of technologists and technology leaders who have become trusted partners in our growth as a development group. We have had great experiences with them both from a technology leadership perspective and in a staffing advisory capacity. I can’t say enough good things about the KEYSYS team.”

—Clifton R.

“We are very happy with the work done by KEYSYS. Lee Daniel and his team of developers have always been there for us when we needed them. I am very satisfied with our engagement and will absolutely consider working together on future projects. I appreciate their communication, quality of work, and expertise. I would recommend their services to anyone.”

—Sheri R.

KEYSYS is your trusted technology partner

KEYSYS was born from a loyal friendship. In 2007, JB & Jarick were frustrated by companies that focused on their own growth rather than the growth of their clients and coworkers.

They founded KEYSYS to be a client-focused, lifestyle company that balances client satisfaction and coworker morale. 

Over the past 13 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients by being an organization that fosters connection, humility, and balance – and we’re always improving.

How To Get Started

1. Click Get Started Immediately

To be taken to our checkout process where you can purchase our Live BI package for $5,000.

We even take Crypto as payment!

2. Schedule Your 1st Live BI Session

Where we will walk through your business with you. We will discuss strategic initiatives, current pain points, your current state of information/reporting, etc.

3. Send Us Your Data

We can use an export from your favorite software, whether that be in the cloud or on-site. We accept spreadsheets, Google Sheets, .CSVs, or API & database connections.

We can use data from anywhere!

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