Our Commitment To Transparency


Transparency is a core value of KEYSYS.


We strive for transparency & to never surprise our clients. This means in our billing, estimates, code, emails, etc., we will be completely transparent with our clients.

During a meeting with Case Morton we were discussing transparency & ways to instill it into marketing at KEYSYS.

This is when he brought up an idea to transform our website from a standard brochure, into an idea-driven website.

An Idea-Driven Website is Transparency Fully Progressed

Like most companies we have the standard website site-map:

These pages are all informative, but they fall short of our value of full transparency.

To display a new level of transparency, Case is going to publicly document his marketing efforts & stats as we try new ways to reach our future clients.

After a brief debate over whether something like that may be “too transparent,” we decided there was no such thing. That was scary, challenging, and invigorating!



Transparency Builds Credibility & Breeds Trust


When Case mentioned making our website “idea-driven,” my mind raced. Rather than maintaining a brochure website, we can make our website a running log of everything that happens.

We want our clients to know we have great ideas that can help them solve their business & technology problems.

Great ideas occur when problems, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking & cross-examination intersect.

And if problems have to exist for great ideas to form, and they do, then there should be no shame that we have them.

Why then, would we paper over the problems we have in our own business? It seems disingenuous to hide our problems while telling our clients we want to help them with theirs.

Transparency builds credibility and breeds trust.

People want to buy complex software solutions from a company they trust.

That’s why we’re committed to transparency & authenticity in the form of an idea-driven website. You’ll see us succeed and fail while we hold fast to our values and commitments.