Rope Your Telecom Systems In


We had a real rodeo of a time

This month we had the pleasure of attending the GTA Vendor Showcase hosted by the Georgia Telecommunications Association.

This conference was the first in-person conference that KEYSYS has attended in the past year. So to say the least, KEYSYS’ incredibly extroverted client representative Chaffin Hart was positively beside herself with excitement. 

“I had such a great time at the conference. It was wonderful meeting so many different telecommunication companies and vendors from all over the south. At first, I wasn’t sure how it would work out with everyone wearing masks. Usually, people only visit booths to quickly grab a handout and any free items available, not wanting to engage in conversation. Add masks into the scene, and I could only imagine a vendor’s booth becoming even less appealing than before. But thankfully, the KEYSYS crew spiced things up a bit. And we had a real rodeo of a time.”

To make the experience more fun and inviting, Chaffin’s teammate and mentor, Mark Pretnar, suggested she pull some inspiration from her old rodeo days. So out came the boots, the rope, and the steer, all coming together to create a little roping competition.

Anyone who roped the metal steer got to put their business card in the hat. Whoever’s name was pulled at the end of the conference, got to take away an entire bourbon flight.

Thanks to the fun roping and the enticing bourbon, the KEYSYS booth was a hit.

KEYSYS in Telecommunications

We serve the telecommunication industry by providing cost-effective, efficient methods of connecting and managing disparate systems.

When a platform like billing or provider systems stands on its own & is unconnected, it loses the ability to perform to the best of its ability. Efficiency drops, errors arise, and overall productivity declines.

Integrating disparate systems provides the following solutions:

  • Streamline processes
  • Real-time visibility of data
  • Mitigates risk
  • Increases data security
  • Reduces overhead cost

How is your business handling the need for connectivity today?

Do you have any initiatives on the horizon to repair or enhance communication between systems?

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