The Relationship Problem That Business Leaders Need To Address (Part 3)


In The Relationship Problem That Business Leaders Need To Address (Part 2) we saw that…..

Analysis without intuition is likely to be highly sterile. And wrong.

In this article, we will continue to give greater context to the relationship between business intuition and analysis by observing a conversation between our fictional married couple…Ingrid (representing intuition) and Alan (representing analysis).

Specifically, we will look at the downside of Ingrid’s complete reliance on intuition.

Here we go….

Ingrid (intuition): I missed my doctor’s appointment today because I ran out of gas.
Alan (analysis): Oh no! Maybe the fuel gauge and low fuel indicator light malfunctioned?
Ingrid (intuition): I have no idea. Those lights and symbols are so annoying that I just don’t pay any attention to them. Instead I just refill about once a week.
Alan (analysis): Hmmm….but you do realize that if you had paid attention you wouldn’t have run out of gas?

Ingrid: What-ever….

In this interaction we see that Ingrid’s total reliance on intuition failed her. Apparently, her ‘about once a week’ attention to her car’s fuel requirements generally works since Alan seemed a little surprised at first. But in this case, simply paying attention to what her dashboard was indicating would have prevented her from missing the doctor’s appointment.

The business parallel is this….just because you have strong intuitive skills about your business, you aren’t infallible. In fact, business leaders with the strongest instincts are most prone to overreliance upon them.

Without an appreciation for relevant, data-based analysis, business leaders expose themselves to avoidable mishaps which arise from relying upon their uniformed instincts.

This is illustrative of one of Part 3’s points:

Intuition without analysis is likely to be highly arbitrary. And wrong.

Our Live BI engagements are designed to enhance (and repair, if necessary) the relationship between intuition and analysis in your business resulting in insights for impact like never before.

* In Part 3, we will explore the downside of Ingrid’s approach.
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