To Build or to Buy


Is your organization kicking the tires on investing in a new software solution? Finding the right balance between today’s budget and tomorrow’s growth can be challenging.  Different businesses have distinctive needs, which is why an off-the-shelf software solution may not be the ideal decision for your growing organization. If you are feeling the burn of any of these items below, it may be time to look into a custom software solution:

  • Slow, repetitive tasks bogging your business processes down
  • Current software solutions can’t talk with one another
  • Extensive trainings and learning curves on dated products that weren’t built with your business processes in mind
  • Reporting done in multiple spreadsheets
  • Use of multiple systems and databases to accomplish mundane and critical tasks
  • Existing software is difficult to support and costly upgrades that are slow to roll out
  • Your vendor is unable to support your older version or you’re unable to upgrade from your version
  • Increasing licensing and support fees
  • No automation in analyzing data
  • Not compliant with industry standards for usability and security
  • Missing a competitive advantage to differentiate your business

Companies often fear that custom software solutions are too costly, but with a well thought-out plan and an experienced partner, your investment can achieve a significant return.  Software that is specifically tailored to your business needs naturally gives your organization a competitive advantage for scalability and growth, not to mention flexibility, increased efficiency, and streamlined processes, all benefiting your bottom line.

Designing and implementing a custom solution does require time, resources and brainpower, so choose your partner wisely and allow them to be a powerful tool in your company’s toolbox. KEYSYS strives to efficiently solve complex problems that are burdening businesses. When partnering with KEYSYS, you can rest assured that we will suggest the best solution for your business, whether that’s an off-the-shelf, semi-custom, or fully customized solution. After all, we’re not just here to build software, we’re here to help your business thrive.