Transparency in Marketing (Week 4)


We believe KEYSYS is the best software development company in Alabama


  • Posted 2 blogs
  • Changing the Featured Image Thumbnail might be improving our engagement on Linkedin
  • We’re currently ranked #24 for the phrase ‘Best Software Development Company in Alabama’
  • Completed the SEO Foundation steps in The SEO Checklist by SEOBuddy

Transparency in Marketing (Week 3)

Article: /transparency-in-marketing-week-3

Linkedin Analytics:

  • Impressions: 236
  • Reactions: 10
  • Click-through rate: 4.66%
  • Comments: 0
  • Shares: 3
  • Clicks: 11
  • Engagement Rate: 10.17%

Google Analytics:

  • Sessions: 9
  • New Users: 6
  • Bounce Rate: 88.89%
  • Pages / Session: 1.56
  • Avg. Session Duration: 00:35

Client Spotlight: Buckman Laboratories

Article: /client-spotlight-buckman-laboratories-international

Linkedin Analytics:

  • Impressions: 372
  • Reactions: 17
  • Click-through rate: 2.15%
  • Comments: 0
  • Shares: 0
  • Clicks: 8
  • Engagement Rate: 6.72%

Google Analytics:

  • Sessions: 13
  • New Users: 5
  • Bounce Rate: 61.54%
  • Pages / Session: 2.69
  • Avg. Session Duration: 03:24

Article Insights:

1. Achieve at least a 2% click-through rate on Linkedin

👍 Both the articles from this week received over a 2% CTR

2. Each article will be shared by everyone on the team at KEYSYS

👎 Still working to get our shares up for each post.

If you’re reading this & you work at KEYSYS please share it.

3. Add calls to action on Linkedin Featured Images

👍 I used an ad from Linkedin that I saw in my feed as inspiration to create a new Featured Image style for each of these posts. While I can’t be sure yet if this is the reason for our improved click-through rate & engagement. From my analytics, it’s clear this article alone has the highest engagement rate of anything I’ve shared in the past 6 months. 

In support of my OKR to ‘Establish KEYSYS as the best Software Development company in Alabama’ we are well on our way.

According to, we are ranked #24 for this phrase. Look out world, we’re heading to the top!

Last week I mentioned purchasing The SEO Checklist by SEOBUDDY.

This tool claims to have all the steps needed to get a website on the first page of Google’s search results. I’ve completed the initial foundation steps, some of which were already set up on our site. But I’m impressed with how simple this checklist is so far. Each item has a Google Doc linked where it takes you through step-by-step to complete the process.

More updates coming.

Thanks for following along & if you have any suggestions on how to help us achieve any of these goals please let me know. Message me on LinkedIn here.