Transparency In Marketing


We believe KEYSYS is the best software development company in Alabama & nobody knows it.

My name is Case Morton & I am the CXO here at KEYSYS.

Since 2007 KEYSYS has been building software applications in Birmingham, Alabama. 

For my past 7 years I’ve been at KEYSYS using design to help bring our clients’ visions to life. I’ve had the opportunity to work on so many great projects, but sharing this work & marketing ourselves has always been a challenge.

So this time around I’m taking a different approach.


I’m going to document everything I can to show how KEYSYS is the best software development company in Alabama.

Week One : My OKRs

As a company, we are establishing Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) for each department that will allow us as a team to set measurable & actionable goals.

In my role as Chief Experience Officer, these are my OKRs

Establish KEYSYS as the Best Software Development company in Alabama

OKR #1

Establish KEYSYS as the best Software Development company in Alabama


How will I do this?

1. Organically reach the 1st page of Google results for ‘Best Software Development Company in Alabama’

  • Currently: N/A
  • Goal: 1st page of Google results for ‘Best Software Development Company in Alabama’

    Current stats for :
  • Domain Authority Score – 16
  • Linking Root Domains – 65
  • Ranking Keywords – 74
  • Spam Score – 3%

Basically, all these numbers mean we’re really hard to find on the internet. Being fully transparent, I don’t know everything it will take to achieve this goal. But I know a combined effort of SEO & content creation will be needed. You’ll just have to follow along with me as I figure this one out. It can’t be that hard, right?

Some ideas in my pipeline: 

  • Create a downloadable eBook on Software Development
  • Build content for each of our industries of focus & case studies
  • Promote our technical partnerships with AWS & Snowflake
  • Promote our unique software development services

Live UI – We can meet with clients over Zoom to bring their ideas to life through real-time, collaborative design.

Investigate & Estimate –  We identify the scope, requirements, & timeline for a project. This provides clients with confidence in their project’s estimate.

Solutions ArchitectOne of our Software Architects looks under the hood of a business to find ways to solve their unique problems & inefficiencies, potentially with software.

2. Reach the top local placement on B2B business directory websites Clutch & Upcity through case studies & client reviews.

B2B directory websites like these help clients find reputable & credible companies to work with in their area. 

    • Clutch
      • Currently : 0 reviews
      • Goal: 5 reviews
    • Upcity
      • Currently : 0 reviews
      • Goal: 5 reviews

I plan to reach this goal by sharing case studies of our projects & asking clients to review our work on these platforms.

3. Achieve the most 5-star Google Business reviews for Software Development in Birmingham, AL

We build great software & we have hundreds of happy clients who can attest to our work. We need our clients to help our future clients find us by sharing their stories & reviewing our work.

4. Grow our Linkedin following by 1,000 followers

We’ve found Linkedin to be the best place to share our work with potential clients. By sharing valuable & interesting content we hope to broaden this audience as people become interested in what we’re doing.

Expand from an online brochure, into an idea-driven website

OKR #2

Expand from an online brochure, into an idea-driven website.

How will I do this?

Well, you’re already reading my first step towards this goal. Creating, documenting, & sharing a behind-the-scenes view of how KEYSYS operates will be a constant work in progress.

On a day-to-day basis, we have leadership meetings, book clubs, one-on-one mentoring, & so much more going on to help grow our company & the people that work with us. I’m going to do my best to share our experiences, successes, failures, & really anything I can to share our breadth & depth of knowledge. 

Thanks for following along & if you have any suggestions on how to help us achieve any of these goals please let me know. Message me on LinkedIn here.