What It’s Like to Work at KEYSYS as a Senior Architect


Birmingham has seen progress for a number of years. It seems like new restaurants and shops pop up all the time, but there are few industries growing as quickly in the city as technology and software development. It’s an exciting place to be in right now, and KEYSYS is at the very heart of it.

Though Birmingham might just be waking up to the growing need for software, KEYSYS has known about it for quite some time. Since 2007, KEYSYS has been working with business leaders to help solve the questions and problems plaguing their businesses. Our team has seen consistent expansion that’s in line with the needs of our clients. We’re going through another period of growth right now, and we’re excited and ready to add another valuable person to our team.


In particular, we’re looking for a Senior Architect / Software Developer. But more important than the job title is the heart behind the role:

We’re looking for someone who doesn’t run from challenges but pursues them, who doesn’t just want to develop software but develop themselves, and who wants to do more than what might be expected at the average software company by making genuine connections with both clients and coworkers.

As a company that’s willing to break the software mold, we expect our employees to do the same.

If that sounds like you, you might have what it takes to work at KEYSYS. As wonderful as it is to work here, we’re also dedicated to transparency, so we’ll just tell you up front: We work hard.


Software development requires a lot of patience, cooperation, communication, and problem-solving. We’re often put under time crunches or difficult restrictions. We need you to take the initiative and manage your own motivation. Sometimes, you might even fail. But we promise, if you can dedicate yourself to these difficult parts of the job and get back up when development knocks you down, there’s plenty that will be given back to you.

It’s well known that we were named one of Birmingham’s Best Places to Work, but our company environment goes deeper than that. Sure, we provide health insurance, generous paid time off, a matching 401(k) plan, and more, but we can promise you even more. We promise that when you work at KEYSYS, you’ll be working amongst the brightest minds in software in all of North Alabama (and beyond). We promise that you’ll be working with leaders and team members who genuinely care about you, not just about what you can produce. We promise we’ll invest in your growth and development so you’ll always finish a project as a better developer than when you began.

Challenge at KEYSYS is a given, but so is fun and improvement.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, send them the link to this blog post or the application page. We’re ready to add a new Senior Architect / Software Developer to our team, and you might just be the one we’ve been looking for.