Working From Home


KEYSYS is fortunate to be in a position to continue business as usual, as our coworkers move to extended remote work. These are a few tips we are encouraging everyone to practice to maximize efficiency and productivity.

There’s no such thing as over-communication during all remote work.

Be mindful of your teammates time and think about how to be direct and specific about what you need to say.

Find a private space to use as a home office that works for you.

Be able to shut your self away for concentration and meetings.

Make sure all existing (especially recurring) meeting invites have a Zoom link for virtual meeting.

Any meetings you schedule should have a Zoom link attached.

Keep your Google calendar as up to date as possible so people know when you’re available.

Block off time if you need it

Utilize your Slack status so people know if you’re available.

Most people don’t use this and it’s super helpful (at lunch, working on something/heads down, etc.)

When meeting virtually, enable video.

It is way more helpful to see faces just like you would during a normal face to face meeting

Use headphones in virtual meetings

for better sound and audio quality

Put your phone # on your Slack profile

(click on your name in the upper left corner > Profile & Account >Edit Profile) This is so you can be reached via phone if necessary.