Amy Siu :


Life Story:

I was born and mostly raised up in a small rural town in Vermont. I spent a part of my childhood before age 5 in China under my grandparents’ care while my parents worked to build a more stable foundation through their restaurant business. My upbringing fostered a strong work ethic, and a love for learning at a young age. At the age of 10, I interacted with restaurant customers, managed orders, and served as the primary interpreter for the family, navigating communication and fostering valuable skills.

Despite navigating life’s challenges without always having all the answers, I’ve become resourceful and unafraid to seek help. I obtained a bachelor of science in Medical Laboratory Science: Public Health along with a Biology minor at University of Vermont, and pursued Physician Assistant Studies at Rutgers University. My decade-long experience in healthcare, coupled with my immigrant background, has fueled a passion for helping others. This passion spurred me to explore and learn how to use technology to build more efficient systems. Two years ago, I started teaching myself the fundamentals of coding, supplemented this with university courses, and formalized my skills through completing an ACCET accredited Turing Software & Design program. Today, I’m at KEYSYS because of my passion for learning and contributing to a team that creates a positive impact on peoples’ lives. KEYSYS’ emphasis on communication, reliability, and growth perfectly aligns with my values. I’m eager to learn more and leverage my skills to contribute to KEYSYS’ success.

Life to me is having the opportunity to explore and learn about things. I wouldn’t have been able to have that opportunity if it weren’t for my parents, and I’m very grateful for every opportunity that has led me to where I am today.

Go To Motivation Song:

Little Known Facts or Hobbies:

1. I love hiking and being outdoors. One of the scariest hikes I’ve done is Angels Landing at Zion National Park. It’s only scary because I’m afraid of heights.

2. Food is one of my love languages because to me it’s something that naturally brings people together even with language or cultural barriers. It is what brought me close to my parents and extended family growing up, and even though there were barriers, one thing we had in common was ensuring that we had enough to eat to be able to do the work we did every day. This is something I implement in my community as well.

3. I am very driven by self growth and improvement, and sharing what has worked for me to encourage/support others. I hope one day I can contribute to building something that serves as a life coach/support system for people to feel connected with themselves and the communities they create around them. One of the things I currently do is share quotes/poems I’ve written.


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