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Live UI

Bring your ideas to life through real-time, collaborative design

When to use Live UI

  • When you know what you need at a high level (Ex: dashboard, portal, app, etc) but are unsure how to start the project
  • Live UI reduces uncertainty by detailing your expectations & mapping out how you or your clients will interact with your new idea.

Live BI

Business intelligence visualized
for you & with you

When to use Live BI

  • You know your business would benefit from timely, accurate data presented in a meaningful format.
  • Your intuitions and suspicions alert you that something is “off” but you can’t pinpoint it.
  • Having the ability to test and validate your ideas and curiosities in a “data lab” is highly appealing to you.

The important stuff

We share the pressure of making your business better everyday

Our team has worked alongside our clients for thousands of hours in various industries building solutions to help them increase their velocity, spark innovation, & achieve growth.

Increase Velocity

Get More Done

  • Develop & maintain core business software
  • Integrate key systems
  • Increase your output & deliver more

Spark Innovation

Make Something New

  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Test new ideas
  • Change the way your business is done

Achieve Growth

Fix Inefficiencies & Scale

  • Identify issues before they’re problems
  • Build for the future
  • Think bigger


We strive for transparency & to never surprise our clients

Our investments in our coworkers & processes mean you get Predictable Development when we help you solve your business problems

hear from our clients

Trusting Keysys with programming our latest high quality, scientifically-based learning game, Filtered, was the right decision. Keysys is a willing and engaged collaborator that brings the creativity, style, and the talent we need. We can’t wait to see the final product and distribute it nationally. Thanks to the Keysys team, this is just around the corner.

Dr. Adam M. Hott
Digital Applications Lead / Expanding Solutions Expert, Hudson Alpha

We have used KeySys for the last 3 years to develop multiple apps and connect our cloud based platforms via API’s. They do excellent work.

Forrest Derr
President, Altaworx

Working with Keysys was a great experience and far surpasses service I have been provided by other custom software development companies. Keysys was always ready to make changes and address any issues that we encountered during the development/testing process. We have been live with our document portal and e-sign platform for several months and have had almost zero issues. I highly recommend Keysys!

Matt Parker
CPA, CFA, ALC / First US Bank

KEYSYS has been a true partner with us in building out a customized, multi-tenanted platform to meet the needs of our agents, resellers, and customers.

Jaime Rawden
VP of Channel Development, Altaworx

KEYSYS has been a great partner, both in our software development staff augmentation engagement as well as our automated testing project engagement. The developers from their team that were brought on to work with us were top notch, high performing individuals who made significant contributions to their team. Their subject matter experts and architects are great at seeing the big picture and deriving a solution that will be of most benefit to the use case. Highly recommend working with them.

Rusty Ashworth
AVP, Application Development Manager, Protective Life

I’ve worked with KEYSYS since 2014 and highly recommend them to any business looking for client-focused, cost-effective, customized technology solutions.

GT Freeman
President & CEO, The Lincoln Center

What We Do

keysys builds custom software & business solutions in alabama

For 13 years we’ve developed software for over a dozen industries – telecommunications, fintech, manufacturing, non-profits, & more, work with us every day.


Feature: Our tenured software engineers think critically about your business and how to implement solutions that fit your needs.

Benefit: Durable software implementations from an organization who is invested in, and committed to, your vision.

3rd Party software


Feature: Integrate data and applications to deliver your services to associates, coworkers, & customers in a seamless experience.

Benefit: Make your company more sticky to customers & stakeholders by giving them a painless high-value experience.


Feature: We bring your legacy applications and processes up to date with modern frameworks and architectures.

Benefit: Modern problem solving reduces technical debt, and creates velocity in your business, keeping you at the forefront of your field.

Business Analytics

& Data Visualization

Feature: We turn data into information such as scorecards, key performance indicators, and trending metrics.

Benefit: Assess the health of your business at-a-glance, and make the right decisions at the right time based on a constant flow of trusted information.

Software We Build


Dokshare is a secure cloud-based document sharing application built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud infrastructure. It offers extensive security and compliance. Integrates with Active Directory, DocuSign, and internal shared drives making it optimal for businesses of any size.



Integration Manager (IntMgr) automatically syncs Rev.io data across key systems, such as Quickbooks Online, MasterStream ERP, ConnectWise, Salesforce, & Microsoft SQL Server. This empowers clients to make better business decisions with confidence in their data.


& Portals

Hydrangea is an API-first content management system. It manages content of all sorts for many purposes, such as intranets and websites. Because it is API-first, Hydrangea can serve as your integration hub, securing the flow of data and giving you important analytics.

Process Management

& Automation

Workflow is a modular application framework with prebuilt features for common needs such as user management and security. It gives our clients a head-start, and allows us to build custom workflows in less time with less money.

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Coworkers, Not Employees

Our culture has been built to attract the best talent in our local markets of Huntsville & Birmingham, AL.

Our collective experience & cross-industry knowledge can help you overcome any technical issues you face.