Clarence Brathwaite :


Life Story:

I am married with a total of 5 boys between my wife and I. We live in Jacksonville, Florida with our niece, Precious Sugar Ward. Between us we have 13 beautiful grand-children. This weekend we will be sending one off to college. A major milestone for the family.

I have been in this industry for over 35 years. I started out at Goldman, Sachs in New York City on Wall Street in 1980’s. After a few years there, I worked mostly for Fortune 500 companies like UPS, Novartis, Chase Manhattan Bank, Deloitte and Ernst & Young. In the process of sharpening my technical skills mostly in the .NET Microsoft stack, I have become proficient in Cloud technologies primarily Microsoft Azure. I am also well versed in Angular and some front-end technologies. I know all of you received packages from UPS. The barcode (it’s actually a 1Z) on the package was patented by teams before me at UPS, but it represents some of my best work as a technologist utilizing that technology within components that I was part of developing and deploying.

Go To Motivation Song:

Little Known Facts:

  • Racquetball (Bronx medal at National in 2008), (Silver medal Doubles New York Pro Stop).
  • Basketball (Big fan, horrible player).
  • Track and Field (past days of glory).
  • PickleBall (to be determined).
  • I interviewed at Goldman, Sachs again in 2001 and the interview got canceled because of 9-11. The building the interview was to be conducted at was damaged one week prior to the interview. Also, I worked at the World Financial Center one year prior to the attack. That location was also damaged.