Jarick Rager


Life Story:

I was raised in Glencoe, AL by loving Christian parents who taught me family and business values that I hold true today. I have been married since 1992 to the love of my life, Kelli, and we have 3 incredible children (Autumn, Jillian, and Canaan). I graduated Auburn University with a BS in Textile Management and Technology in 1992 and an MS in Textile Science in 1994. That’s right, I’m one of many that work in a field unrelated to my college degree. JB and I met in 2004 and started KEYSYS together in 2007. It has been a crazy ride ever since. During my “spare” time, I enjoy time with the family, playing basketball, and playing pickleball.

Go To Motivation Song:

Favorite Breakfast Food:

No time for breakfast

Celebrity Encounter:

Played trumpet on stage with Phil Driscoll

Nerding Out:

In college, he started writing a program for a golf simulator which led to a business venture called VirtuGolf