Jim Bob McAllister


Life Story:

I was born and raised in Shackle Island, TN, the youngest of 4 (3 older sisters.)  As soon as I knew what college was, I knew I wanted to go to Alabama to play football.  Calling me a late bloomer is the understatement of our time, so with no athletic endeavors at which I could excel, I let my dad choose my major: finance.  After 4 years and one bonus football season, I graduated from the University of Alabama, and was unceremoniously kicked off of the payroll at McAllister, Inc. I got my first job at IBM in Atlanta, and worked there for six years before moving to Birmingham in 2004. I met Jarick in 2004 and we started KEYSYS together in 2007.

I have three children and an awesome home-schooling wife. I enjoy sitting on screened-in porches and eating fried chicken.  I also participate at my local CrossFit box, you know, so I can keep eating fried chicken and drinking sweet tea.

Go To Motivation Song:

Hidden Talent:


Sport Played In High School:

Church Basketball