Kelly Knudsen :


Life Story:

I am from the small town of Scottsboro, located in Northeastern Alabama. After graduating from the University of Montevallo, I moved to NYC and joined the marketing firm Manhattan Marketing Ensemble.  After 9/11, I moved back to Alabama and joined the staff at the YMCA of South AL in Mobile. After four years of non-profit work and two children later, I landed back in Birmingham, which is the place I’ve always considered “home”.  After spending five years as a small business owner, I transitioned into a career with KEYSYS.  Working at KEYSYS is a dream job because I get to advocate for our clients as well as an HR role which allows me to connect with our internal team.
I love people, being outdoors, diet Dr. Pepper and Jesus, not in that particular order.

Go To Motivation Song:

Guilty Pleasure:

The Young and Restless

Celebrity Encounter:

“Meeting” Prince in NYC

Favorite vacation spot:

Any place warm with water