Michael Banks :


Life Story:

I’m a Birmingham native whose love for tinkering, video games, and music gear paved the way to a career in technology. After graduating from Innovate Birmingham’s full-stack web development bootcamp in Spring 2019, I worked for a small company creating mobile apps for inventory management. I joined KEYSYS in October 2021 and am excited to grow alongside the team. When I’m not coding, I love to play electric guitar and video games as well as enjoy the outdoors with my partner Sarah and our German Shepherd.

Go To Motivation Song:

3 Facts:

  • I used to be a touring musician and ran a diy music studio.
  • I have a freakishly smart and impish Manx cat named Chimo who loves to fetch.
  • I love to cook and my favorite dish to make is street-style tacos with homemade creamy jalapeño sauce.