Robert Jones :


Life Story:

I was born in Tennessee and lived there for four years before moving to Alabama in 2001. I grew up an outdoorsy soul while simultaneously playing games like there was no tomorrow. I loved skateboarding, airsoft, and riding bikes, to name a few things. Around 2010, Markus Persson’s Minecraft was released. This game would change the course of my life permanently. This game introduced me to the vast and complex rabbit hole of computers and everything that comes with them. I discovered more about the Windows operating system because I wanted to mod my game like everyone on YouTube. I learned what a batch file was, what a config file was, what port forwarding did, and about public IPs so I could host my very own server for all my friends.

This rabbit kept on going and branched off into a deeper understanding of various technologies and, eventually, programming. I made my very first mod for Minecraft using Java. It was an extremely exciting mod that was, in its entirety, just a white cube! It wasn’t much, but it exposed me to the world of programming and all the possibilities that come with it. After that, I began learning more about Java, watching countless YouTube videos and trying to mimic what I saw. Fast forward several years, and I was making my very first Android app at a company called Engineered Marine Products.

Since then, I have picked up several skills and have been exposed to many different languages and technologies throughout my previous jobs. Whether that is making processes easier for my coworkers via PowerShell and Rust or creating an app for a small startup, I have always found great enjoyment in making something new or valuable for others. The idea that programming can solve so many problems in our world, big or small, will forever be fascinating to me. I am incredibly excited and look forward to continuing to help others with solutions that only technology can provide.

Go To Motivation Song:

Little Known Facts:

• I own all of Tolkien’s works regarding Middle Earth.
• I have never broken a bone in my body, fingers crossed.
• I play Super Smash Bros. Melee religiously.