Investigate & Estimate

Investigate the scope of work to get an accurate estimate of the project cost & time

Investigate and Estimate engagement is designed to give clarity and perspective to your vision for improving your business.

1. Deliverables

  • Project Vision & Roadmap
  • Prioritized backlog of detailed user stories
  • Estimate of effort for each user story
  • Formal Statement of Work from KEYSYS; no commitment necessary

Visual Representation

  • Sharable, Clickable UI prototype (Created in Figma)
  • CSS and image assets for export & along with unused ideas

Zoom recordings

  • Each meeting will be recorded via Zoom (audio and video) and shared with you for your future use

2. When to use investigate & Estimate

  • You and your team have identified a necessary project (Ex. dashboard, portal, app) and your next step is to determine budget & feasibility.


  • You want to gather the right information before beginning the project so that you can spend your money once and wisely.

3. Why to engage

  • After this engagement, you will be armed with valuable insight for making your solution a reality, whether you choose to move forward with us or someone else.


  • This engagement:
    • Prioritizes business challenges
    • Identifies the scope of work
    • Reduces the probability of missed functionality & requirements

4. How it works

  • Investigate and Estimate encompasses working with a Senior Software Developer and a Live Design architect.


  • We start with a phone call to understand your vision so we can begin building the roadmap & milestones that define success.


  • The Live UI engagement will bring your ideas to life through an actual clickable & shareable UI prototype.


  • KEYSYS will provide you with a formal estimate & statement of work which includes the roadmap, milestones, & user stories discovered during the engagement.

5. Get Started

  • Cost: $5,000
  • Schedule a video call to get started

things to remember

We might not catch them all

There is always the potential that a requirement or user story remains undiscovered or turns out more complex than we originally estimated. 

You could get sticker shock

You’re not the first & you won’t be the last. There is still hope.

Most of the time we work with our clients & are able to take the first step in meaningfully accomplishing the vision with a tighter scope & fewer requirements. 


hear from our clients

Trusting Keysys with programming our latest high quality, scientifically-based learning game, Filtered, was the right decision. Keysys is a willing and engaged collaborator that brings the creativity, style, and the talent we need. We can’t wait to see the final product and distribute it nationally. Thanks to the Keysys team, this is just around the corner.

Dr. Adam M. Hott

Digital Applications Lead / Expanding Solutions Expert, Hudson Alpha