Live BI


A Live BI engagement is designed to provide information and insights like you’ve never had before to dramatically impact your business.

Information. Insights. Impact.


Live BI (Business Intelligence)

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1. Deliverables

Visual Representation

  • Zoom Recordings of Discovery and Live BI Sessions
  • Live BI Roadmap
  • Downloadable PDFs of Live BI Reports and Visualizations
  • Snowflake account in the client’s name (optional)

Zoom recordings

  • Each Business Intelligence Workshop will be recorded via Zoom (audio and video) and shared with you for your future use

2. When to use Live BI

  • You know your business would benefit from timely, accurate data presented in a meaningful format.
  • Your intuitions and suspicions alert you that something is “off” but you can’t pinpoint it.
  • You are heavily dependent upon spreadsheets to run your business.
  • Having the ability to test and validate your ideas and curiosities in a “data lab” is highly appealing to you.

3. Why to engage

  • Fundamentally – data visualization is scientifically proven to be exceptional for mentally processing information, committing information to long-term memory, telling stories to persuade and inspire, revealing patterns/trends/correlations/changes, and simplifying complex information.
  • Live BI provides insights in an exquisitely practical manner – – we use your data as is without disrupting your current business processes, systems, etc.
  • You obtain best in class analysis without hiring data analysts/experts.
  • Live BI allows us to co-create prototypes for future custom dashboards, etc.

4. How it works

  • Live BI starts with a Zoom Discovery Session where we virtually walk through your business with you. We will discuss strategic initiatives, current pain points, your current state of information/reporting, etc.
  • We produce a BI Roadmap from the discovery that will guide the content, design, and emphasis of our Live BI sessions.
  • Next, we go to our BI lab to do work behind the scenes (e.g. gathering, importing, and analyzing data from your existing systems, spreadsheets, etc.).
  • We come back together for three interactive Zoom sessions where we share our PowerBI screens to show you the preliminary data visualizations. You have the opportunity to ask ‘what if’s’, drill down into the data, suggest new visuals, and, in general, together we develop a cadence with your business data.
  • We produce session data visualizations and narratives in Business Intelligence Reports in pdf format for your internal use and distribution.

5. Other Live BI Services

  • Live BI Subscription: on-going recurring monthly sessions to refresh your data for greater, momentum building impact.
  • Custom BI: custom/permanent web-based dashboards and visualizations for your business.

6. Get Started

  • Cost: $5,000
  • Schedule a video call to get started

things to remember

Live BI is a launch point, not a destination

Although Live BI sessions are NOT glorified demo’s, you won’t walk away with a complete BI system ready for daily use. We can absolutely build that for you, it’s just beyond the scope of Live BI.

Garbage in, garbage out is applicable

We are using your actual data in its ‘as-is’ state. Therefore, we aren’t guaranteeing the accuracy of the BI visualizations we produce. The good news is that Live BI can illuminate inaccurate data for your research afterwards.

hear from our clients

Trusting Keysys with programming our latest high quality, scientifically-based learning game, Filtered, was the right decision. Keysys is a willing and engaged collaborator that brings the creativity, style, and the talent we need. We can’t wait to see the final product and distribute it nationally. Thanks to the Keysys team, this is just around the corner.

Dr. Adam M. Hott

Digital Applications Lead / Expanding Solutions Expert, Hudson Alpha