A Success for The Exceptional Foundation


Our team was passionate about our chili recipe, which included an extra touch: serving chili nachos with hand-grated sharp cheddar cheese, green onions, sour cream, and jalapenos.

People loved our chili nachos, and they were a big hit at the event. We had a great time serving our chili and working together to make the event a success.

We also extend a special shoutout to our cook, Noah Oliphant, and the entire cooking team for their dedication, effort, and spice! This would not have been possible without his leadership.


We were especially thrilled to receive 1st place for the Spirit Award, recognizing our enthusiasm and teamwork.

Beyond the competition, the chili cook-off provided a platform to support a worthy cause, showcase our creativity, and strengthen our teamwork. We’re grateful for everyone’s support and participation, making the event truly memorable and fulfilling.