BBJ Finalist for 2023 CEO Awards


We are thrilled to announce our CEO, Jim Bob McAllister, as a Finalist for the Birmingham Business Journal’s 2023 CEO Awards.

In 2007, Jim Bob, alongside VP Jarick Rager, founded KEYSYS as a custom software development company with a commitment to balancing coworker morale and client success. 

 About KEYSYS:


  • Growth & Recognition: KEYSYS has become the 3rd Largest Software Company in 2023 and has been recognized as one of Birmingham’s Fastest Growing Companies.
    • Educational Impact: Collaborating with a Huntsville-based client, KEYSYS developed an application awarded “Best Freebies for STEM Curriculum Integration” by Educators Pick Best of STEM 2023.
    • Local Workforce: The majority of KEYSYS coworkers are local to Birmingham and actively support and engage with the community.

    His leadership extends beyond business success

    to the well-being and growth of KEYSYS coworkers.

    • Financial Support: KEYSYS pays 100% of coworker health & dental premiums for all families & has provided 401k match throughout the entire 16-year history.


    • Professional Development: JB initiated an internal program called KEYSYS One to create an environment where all coworkers are able to grow and learn together. Both technical and non-technical book clubs, mentoring programs, tech talks, team building events, and monthly lunches occur on a weekly basis to help KEYSYS grow.
    • Quarterly Town Hall Meetings: JB strives for transparent communication with the company and provides detailed financial updates to keep the entire team informed on the company’s performance.


    • Step Up When We Mess Up: JB leads by example and admits when decisions may not have been the best for the company or clients. We pride ourselves on making every client into a Raving Fan of KEYSYS. 

    Jim Bob’s commitment extends beyond the business side to various community organizations, where he actively contributes as a board member.

    • 1st & Ten Club of Alabama


    • UAB IS Advisory Board


    • STREAM Innovations Advisory Board


    • Truth at Work Advisory Board


    • STEPS Ministries Advisory Board


    Jim Bob isn’t just a CEO, he is a leader working alongside our team. His authenticity, transparency, humility, and leadership make him a standout nominee for the BBJ’s 2023 CEO Awards.