Client Spotlight: Cardiac Solutions


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This is part 2 of a 10 week series during which we’ll highlight a set of problems, people and technologies as they relate to our Client Challenge Areas.

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The World’s leading premier AED provider hires KEYSYS to ensure community safety


Cardiac Solutions

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Fred Khoury


health & wellness


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xamarin, aws, sql server, .net, keysys multi-tenant

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data / innovation / growth / security


Cardiac Solutions is a Birmingham-based company that provide Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and service programs on a national level. They came to KEYSYS in need of a proprietary AED management application that would allow them to maintain the upkeep, management, and locations of all their devices. 


To keep with their vision of delivering the most comprehensive programs to their clients and the public, Cardiac Solutions needed a way to ensure all of their devices were continuously up to date and ready to be used. 

A public access defibrillator program entails placing user-friendly defibrillators in public buildings and spaces so that if someone collapses due to a cardiac event, aid can be administered while emergency responders are on the way, instead of waiting until they arrive.

Like any machine, AEDs need regular maintenance to prevent failures. Batteries can run down and need to be replaced. Electrode pads that attach to a patient’s chest can deteriorate and need to be replaced every year or so. 

To keep track of these device’s maintenance schedules, their exact locations, and the parties responsible for their inspections, a web and mobile application was needed.


Software Engineer @ KEYSYS


  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Javascript Specialist


Fred joined KEYSYS in 2019 as a Software Engineer. He brought with him experiences in modern technologies and frameworks that was unlike anyone else on the team. His knowledge and leadership allowed him to become the development lead for Cardiac Solutions for both their mobile and web applications. 


Through the past year Fred has lead the development of Cardiac’s new mobile and web application aptly called Survival Path. The software utilized KEYSYS’ Multi-Tenant environment to access user and role based permissions management so Cardiac can easily add locations and inspectors as their service area expands. 

The new Xamarin based mobile application allows a user to perform an on-site inspection with their phone or tablet while at the device. This freedom allows for more accurate location management and safer AEDs. Through the Survival Path application users can also find where defibrillators are located around their town.

Today the Survival Path application is being used to service 1,000’s of devices, so they’re ready when the unexpected happens.