Client Spotlight: HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology


KEYSYS developed a serious game in bioinformatics that’s being used in high school biology classrooms nationwide.


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, headquartered in Huntsville, AL, stands as a world-renowned leader in the fields of biotechnology and genomic research. They’ve achieved significant breakthroughs in genomics, impacting disease treatment and driving innovations in agriculture on a global scale.


Recognizing a gap in educational resources for teaching bioinformatics concepts to high school students, HudsonAlpha embarked on a mission to fill this void.

Bioinformatics plays a pivotal role in modern clinical research and patient care.



the science of collecting and analyzing complex biological data such as genetic codes.



An innovative educational game designed to teach bioinformatics.

FILTERED teaches the computational tools used for storing, managing, and querying biological data in a serious game format.

The cross-platform game seamlessly integrates principles from engineering, biology, computer science, statistics, and mathematics helping students retain certain concepts and lessons.


From game design to each level’s development, KEYSYS brought HudsonAlpha’s vision of Filtered to life.

Our team led by Guy Archibald and Zac Bragg, harnessed the power of the Unity framework to craft Filtered into an interactive, engaging bioinformatics-centered game that’s truly one-of-a-kind!

The game’s development occurred over a 5 year partnership between HudsonAlpha and KEYSYS.


Accessible on tablets, mobile devices, or web browsers, Filtered transforms students into entry-level data scientists working in a laboratory on a mission to uncover genomic insights into a deadly virus and a select group of humans resistant to infection.

Throughout gameplay, students encounter fundamental biological concepts, reinforced by bioinformatics tools that align DNA sequences, identify genetic variants, compare sequences across evolutionary history, and assess the impact of sequence changes.

A variety of puzzles challenge students to understand the tools’ purposes, strengths, and weaknesses. Once mastered, students can accurately classify the virus, pinpoint human variants resistant to infection, and propose a treatment strategy to stop the pandemic.


All the hard work on Filtered has paid off!

Each year, thousands of high school biology students will benefit from Filtered, employing their 21st-century skills to tackle real-world problems.

By synthesizing evidence from molecular biology, human genetics, population biology, and evolution, students seamlessly connect classroom lessons with personal interests and real-world applications.

In 2023, Filtered was honored with the prestigious Educators Pick Best of STEM award.

Teachers loved how the platform mixed fun and education, sparking a real interest in STEM subjects.



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Senior Software Engineer