KEYSYS Time Trials


At KEYSYS, we recently organized our very own 40 Yard Dash Challenge, all thanks to the unstoppable determination of four team members: Grant, Jonathan, Jake, and Conner.

With the competition just around the corner, the guidelines limited each team to two males. However, these four guys weren’t about to let that stop them. They decided to settle the matter by racing for the top two spots right in the KEYSYS parking lot. Talk about having a competitive spirit!

These remarkable individuals gave it their all and did not disappoint! Our KEYSYS team went the extra mile to ensure a memorable racing experience by carefully measuring the distance, setting up cones at the finish line, and providing shakers to cheer them on. We also created a virtual platform so that everyone could witness the excitement.

Congratulations to our top two finalists: Jake and Conner! We truly enjoyed the friendly competition that was held right outside our office and we look forward to watching you two represent KEYSYS this week in the 2023 Corporate Challenge!

Get ready to bring the heat!