LinkDump of Awesome Stuff


During my time as a Junior Engineer with a former company, my supervisor and mentor would compile a list of links that he and other engineers shared between one another.  He termed the knowledge “LinkDump of Awesome Stuff” and as an entry level developer, the info was extremely valuable to me. It was great to have a central location from trusted resources that I could turn to as a starting point amid the vast landscape of the internet. I thought it may be helpful to share some of the valuable resources that I found useful lately.  So without further ado, the first KEYSYS LinkDump is now on the blog.

  1. Google Clips – The new wearable camera from Google is always on & ready to record or take a photo when it senses the moment is just right. As someone who never has a camera when I need it, this is something I really want for my next vacation.
  2. Unity – Learning Unity is my current area of growth here at KEYSYS. This site has been my holy grail the past few weeks. It’s definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in Game Dev.
  3. SEC Shorts – Football is a big part of life for some of us at KEYSYS and this SEC short is the perfect wrap up to the 2018 College Football season. (full disclosure: my brother worked on this video for
  4. Passwords – Making a secure password has always meant you had to follow a complicated structure of numbers, capitalization, and special characters. But recent studies have found that this formula we’ve all been using has only made our passwords easier for computers to crack! This article made me do a complete overhaul of all my passwords.
  5. Software Developers Reading List – An former coworker shared with me this list of books every developer should read and I’ve been chipping away ever since. My current favorite is The Lean Startup.

Bonus – One of our KEYSYS’ Dev Ops members, Jeff Worford, will be speaking at the Alabama Cyber Now Conference on April 11th. Be sure to come say hi if you’ll be attending.