Tech Talk: ChatGPT


Senior Devops Engineer, Jimmy Harris showed our team the ins & outs of ChatGPT.

Jimmy gave a thorough overview of ChatGPT and brought our team’s awareness to the platform’s capabilities and limitations.

He explained how important it is to phrase your questions effectively to obtain desired answers.

He also advises treating ChatGPT as a tool, not a replacement for developers, and shares valuable tips: 

  • Clearly defining problems
  • Providing specific instructions
  • Iterating and refining prompts based on ChatGPT’s responses
  • Verifying and validating responses 
  • Being cautious with sensitive information
  • Understanding the platform’s limitations 
  • Providing code examples when possible for development questions

Additionally, Jimmy mentions how ChatGPT can reword text, explain code in simple terms, and be a useful tool for overcoming writer’s block in emails. 

We’re so grateful for Jimmy to take the time to share his knowledge with us.

His presentation was truly enjoyable, and we are excited to learn more in future KEYSYS tech talks.