Transparency in Marketing (Q1 Recap)


KEYSYS is the best software development company in Alabama


  1. OKRs Recap from Q1 – we’re better than we started
  2. Our CFO wrote a great blog series
  3. We celebrated DOGE Day with a press release no one asked for
  4. You can now watch our recent webinar

OKRs Recap from Q1


This quarter I focused our marketing efforts on 2 main objectives. Establish KEYSYS as the best Software Development company in Alabama & Expand this website from an online brochure, into an ideas-driven website. These objectives were measured by the reviews, articles, followers, ranking, etc. of each Key Result. 

Through this focus, we were able to make progress in strategic areas of the company. And while I’m not satisfied with all the results, we still made progress I am proud of.

Now it’s time to analyze, reflect, & bring a new sense of focus to the next phase.

1. Establish KEYSYS as the best Software Development company in Alabama

Key Results:

1. Organically reach the 1st page of Google results for ‘Best Software Development Company in Alabama’

  • Currently in 16th place for the phrase
  • Domain Authority Score = 20 (+4)
  • Ranking Keywords = 79 (+5)

2. Reach the top local placement on B2B business directory websites Clutch & Upcity through case studies & client reviews.

    • Clutch Reviews : 4 (in progress: still 1 short of the goal)
    • Upcity  Reviews : 5 (+5)

3. Achieve the most 5-star Google Business reviews for Software Development in Birmingham, AL

4. Grow our Linkedin following by 1,000 followers


2. Expand from an online brochure, into an idea-driven website.

Key Results:

This one has been harder to measure but after publishing 18 articles, 4 case studies, a new service offering, starting to accept crypto, writing an eBook on Software Development (coming soon), etc. I’d again say significant progress was made in this category.

The Relationship Problem Leaders Need To Address


Our CFO, Josh Hannum wrote a great 3 part blog series on the relationship between intuition and analysis in your business. 

Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet.

KEYSYS Celebrates DOGE Day


Last week the internet declared (4/20) DogeDay in celebration of the crypto coin known as DOGE. Since Dogecoin is one of the 9 forms of crypto we accept as payment for our services, we decided to share a press release. 

‘Did anyone seem to care?’ – you might be asking yourself. 

No. I don’t think they did. But you can’t blame a guy for trying. 

Stop Losing Money: a webinar


Last month we hosted a webinar along with titled ‘Stop Losing Money: Automate Your Sales To Billing Flow’

To all of our surprise, this was the most attended webinar we’ve hosted. Watch it for yourself below to learn how establishing an automated sales-to-billing flow will help you stop losing money and start increasing profitability.

During this webinar, KEYSYS VP of Product Kevin Emmert covers:


  • Why sales to billing automation matters
  • How manual processes cause revenue leakage
  • Where your sales team can benefit from automation most
  • When sales to billing automation makes the most sense
  • How automation improves data accuracy
  • And much more!

Thanks for following along & if you have any suggestions please let me know. Message me on LinkedIn here.