Locally Sourced

KEYSYS values long-term partnerships with clients. We build trust by offering complete visibility into our work and our processes.  Our open, collaborative, and iterative approach ensures our clients are able to engage with full confidence in the overall health of the project.  We want to be your trusted technology partner.
Custom applications are often the only viable method of solving your individual business problem. When off-the-shelf software, or their manufacturers, do not have the flexibility to meet your unique needs, KEYSYS is your choice. Our custom solutions are secureenterprise-ready, and mobile responsive. We often integrate our solutions with other client-owned 3rd party applications encouraging wide adoption and efficient seamless experiences. Savvy businesses work with KEYSYS to bend software to their processes.  You should not have to compromise established methods that get results to compensate for inflexible software.    
Transforming data into valuable business insights is imperative whether you’re focused on improving process efficiency, or measuring the impact of a marketing campaign. KEYSYS can help you determine your key performance indicators (KPI), choose an intuitive data visualization strategy, and bring your data together from different systems.  We’ll help you follow your intuition and prove your theories with effective data analytics strategies.   

Applications are usually not as social as we would like them to be and tend to not play well with others. They often don’t distribute information easily or share mission-critical information.  If you are feeling the pains of duplication, system reconciliation, and more spreadsheets, it may be time to learn more about how to integrate your internal applications.

KEYSYS offers holistic, company-wide solutions like PAL (process automation layer) that move information out of silos, making data accessible while preserving security and integrity.  Our experience integrating apps at multiple layers; single sign-on, database integration and migration, and application integration are all ways in which we turn your portfolio of software applications into a seamless, productive user experience.


We specialize in building database-driven custom software solutions for our enterprise clients. We shine when we can leverage expertise in integration, workflow, user experience and design so our clients can better tell their stories. 

We can also work with businesses who would benefit from using our custom CMS, Central.  Central is great for professional services organizations like legal, accounting, and architecture firms. These firms employ specialized individuals whose education, specializations, licenses, designations, and community involvement are the competitive advantage. If your people are your product, Central may be for you. 

With our ability to customize software, and our in-house creative staff, we might be a great mix of form and function for your website.  If not, we can refer you to one of our local web design and development partners. 

Mobile Applications

Does your organization need an app?  Should you create a mobile app for Android or iOS or both? What are the advantages and disadvantages of native mobile apps vs. mobile responsive websites? If you’ve ever considered building a mobile application for your business, you’ve likely found that it can be a complex decision. We’ve been there with our clients, and we’ve created native apps, mobile web apps, Xamarin apps, PhoneGap, Sencha, Ionic…suffice it to say, we can help you identify which direction to go with your mobile app, and we have the expertise to get it done.

Dev Ops Consulting
KEYSYS has invested in DevOps over the past few years in order to automate our own software deployments. We use tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker and others to decrease the software deployment cycle with automated and continuous builds.  This investment has enabled KEYSYS to decrease the agile sprint cycle to one week in most cases. We can help your organization automate and deliver software in an efficient automated process and compress software delivery iterations.