Our Latest Addition: Sound Panels


Our office had a sound problem!


Team huddles, video meetings, & keyboard clicks meant our main area was LOUD & ECHOEY.

So our team put their heads together and DIY’d a custom set of sound panels to fix the acoustic mayhem!

Embarking on the challenge of crafting acoustic sound panels for the first time, our Vice President, Jarick Rager, and Marketing Associate, Julie Williams, immersed themselves in extensive research, putting in the hard work to build and customize a solution perfectly tailored for KEYSYS.

Live By The Code“, pendulum art, and colorful handprints from all our coworkers’ kids instantly painted the space with a burst of colors.



This project is more than just a sound transformation for the office.

It’s a visual solution crafted with our own hands.

We want to give a big thank you to our KEYSYS family, especially James, Riki, and Kelli Rager, for weaving their magic into making this project a reality.