We Don’t Judge The Work Done Before Us


In custom software development, expertise & respect go hand in hand.


At KEYSYS we make it a point to never condemn, judge, or disparage any code or work done prior to our involvement.

For us, building custom software for clients typically means working with systems & applications that have existed long before we got on the scene. We’re often asked to make sense of code that another software developer wrote, & we make sure to always do so without judgment.


Every project has obstacles & constraints, and we know this was true for the developer who came before us as well.

Whether the constraints were time-based, budget-conscious, political, physical, or environmental, we know no software was built in a vacuum & decisions were made to provide the most value they could at the time. The constraints that existed in the previous project created the code we’re reviewing for a reason. It’s much more important for us to keep an open mind, than judge the work of someone else.


We never want to make a client feel dumb for their previous decisions.

No one wants to be told they made the wrong choice or spent their money unwisely. What happened in the previous project has passed. So we focus on a path forward that’s best for our client & their business.


At this point, you might be asking, but what if the code/project/software really is badly written or conceived? Shouldn’t the potential client know the truth about their software?

Yes! They absolutely should know exactly what they do & don’t have. In this case, it’s best to be as informative as possible to our client. We want to point out specifically

  • What was done
  • Why it should’ve been done differently
  • Where to go from here

This provides our clients with specific actionable information, that they can trust from us & our expertise.