Business Intelligence (BI) for Schools: With Live BI


Doing more with less has become a prevailing modus operandi in today’s world.


This is possibly most evident for primary and secondary school teachers, administrators, and boards.

Flat (at best) budgets in the face of new challenges emerging from COVID-19, reporting requirements for stakeholders, the ongoing journey to improve student academic performance, as well as a litany of operational, strategic, and financial goals place massive stress on all involved.

We contend that business intelligence (“BI”) can be a game-changing tool to address compliance requirements, analyze trends for improving performance, and utilize relevant and timely information for making the best possible decisions.

Because we are currently adapting our Live BI product for primary and secondary schools, we’d love to chat with school administrators and boards.

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Live BI

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School Benefits With Live BI

  • Address Compliance Requirements
  • Analyze Trends for Improving Performance
  • Utilize Relevant & Timely Information for making the best possible decisions


Chief Financial Officer


  • Leveraging financial information in a holistic manner to provide actionable, relevant insights across all company functions.
  • Implementing new ideas, specifically those that have the capacity to radically improve businesses.
  • Methodologies, best practices and processes that are practical and powerful to rapidly advance and enhance strategic plans.