The Relationship Problem That Business Leaders Need To Address (Part 1)


The relationship problem I’m referring to is the “marriage” between intuition and analysis within businesses.

Because intuitive and analytical approaches are different from one another, leaders often mistake them as being incompatible. And because of that, leaders generally end up leaning inordinately on one or the other (usually intuition) to make decisions and run their businesses. To their own avoidable detriment. Because “different” does not mean “opposite”.

Let’s go back to the marriage analogy for more insight on this.

Like human relationships, the business relationship between intuition and analysis is inhibited and often fractured without large doses of appreciation, listening, and empathy. It’s not about one side being smarter or better than the other. And, it’s not a contest to see who wins.

Instead, it’s about bringing out the best in the other person*. Caring for one another and knowing that they are synergistically “better together”.


Intuition without analysis is likely to be highly arbitrary. And wrong.

Analysis without intuition is likely to be highly sterile. And wrong.

Our Live BI engagements are designed to enhance (and repair, if necessary) the relationship between intuition and analysis in your business resulting in insights for impact like never before.

* In parts two and three, we will explore the relationship between fictional characters Ingrid (“intuition”) and Alan (“analysis”) to give more context.

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  • Implementing new ideas, specifically those that have the capacity to radically improve businesses.
  • Methodologies, best practices and processes that are practical and powerful to rapidly advance and enhance strategic plans.